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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i want them mom!!

ouh mom...i miss them like crazy...i wanna be with them...like always..:( i miss their laugh,i miss their smile:),and i miss their  stupid jokes..the two gray scale picture were my best besties ever,,i miss them a lot..skrg kmi da jarang jmpe...starting i became the SM Johorian...mreke makin jao...kami da tak rapat mcam dulu..i wish that i could back to my past..but its impossible..now i hve new friend..even i have the new one...the old one...i'll never forget because they are so special..we are born together,we are knowing each other since we are 6years old...mase tu comel sgt...9 tahun brsame..ouhh i miss that moment,,.mom..dear my friends..forget you is the worst thing that i never  done!i love u friends

terime kasih daun keladi sila la like klaw sudi

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